Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Make Him Over Hunt

Sophistishapes is participating in the upcoming Make Him Over Hunt, starting 1st April, and is offering the luscious Anton shape and style card as a prize:

Anton was released two months ago, and had me at hello lol.  You can see his original release at:
 As I said back then, and still today, he has a wonderful look, and a lush, lean body.

You can find full details of the hunt in store - there's a group joiner there, too.

Sophistishapes is one of Second Life's leading shape and styling store, dipping into Sophia Rossens experience with creating truly stunning avatars for premiere sims - she has a natural flair and eye for bringing out the most in the skins she chooses to work with, making absolutely beautiful creations with skins from top stores like Bellaza, Tuli, League and many others.  Each offering is completely polished, with a style card detailing exactly what you need to get the results seen on the posters - and the results, compared to the skin on a shape that wasn't created especially for it, are completely breathtaking.  Come on down, join the hunt - or girls, get the man in your life to grab this while it's free - and cast an eye over the range too - you could be surprised by what you find.

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