Sunday, 13 March 2011

DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT 2 - March 14th to April 11

YES!... it's here again... DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT 2

Most of the best top SL designers have chosen again to participate in our second exclusive hunt 
where you will find some of the best hunt gifts on the grid all listed below, detailed name, hunt location, hint and pic.

The hunt starts on Monday 14th March at our main Sophistishapes store.

Looks like all stores have hunt gifts set out now.. so we're good to go!  Happy hunting!!

#001 Sophistishapes
Female HINT: Finding this gift will surely lift your spirits
Male HINT : Now you're moving in the right direction

#002 CD Designs
HINT : Sitting and listening to music

#003 Al Vulo
HINT : Amazing what you can find in chair cushions, or under them!

#004 Vassnia
HINT: (male) Oh 'deer' me! These are some great gifts!
HINT: (female) Feeling kinky and lookin' sexy!

#005 BAD@ZZ
HINT : You usually find 2 noobs there, and usually without clothes..

#006 EMO-tions
HINT :  If you wanted to go play outside,
             you know socks just aren't enough.
            You need something stronger, something tough.
            If you look below, inside is void
            Try to play the hide and seek game
            then you will find what you came for.

#007 ""D!va""
HINT : You'll sigh with RELIEF when you find this diamond!

#008 aDORKable Poses
Hint : I'm just splashing around.

#009 Diesel Works
HINT: It's up in the air and hanging by the thread

HINT : An angel can give you the box you are looking for...

HINT : Purple and white squares will show you the diamond...

#012 Tres Beau
HINT : From Here to Eternity

#013 Alphamale
HINT : Tshirts and jeans, perfect for summer.

Hint: Diamonds are a girls best friend, and maybe a pair of stiletto boots

#015 Alexohol
HINT : All signs lead the way!

#016 Butterfly Effectz
HINT : When you look in the mirror you will see that you  are the true diamond.

#017 Role Optic
HINT : "Diamonds and the City"

#018 ::MOOD::
HINT : Flowers are not only in the garden

#019 FD Decor
HINT: Hint-Giver in store

#020 ChiChi of London
HINT : "There was an Old Lady, who lived in a Shoe"

#021 ::Eclectic Firefly::
HINT : Check the in store hinter for current hint

#022 FM Shoes
HINT : It's outside!

#023 Birth
HINT : In the green

#024 Bandit Jewelry
HINT : Look for Mr.Bandit, he Loves diamonds

#025 Blacklace
HINT :  Lover's embrace

#026 ICED
HINT : Click to subscribe!

#027 *Epic*
HINT : Bunnies with bombs!

#028 KOSH
HINT: Unisex pants.

#029 BellaDonna
HINT : Don't pass this one UP, it will be "STAIRING" you right in the face

#030 Snowpaws
Hint: Best deal in the house!

HINT: (m/f) "A plug for the waters of Babylon?"
HINT: (m/m) "Perhaps worth my weight?"
(no photo available - animations)

#032 PRIME Furniture
HINT:  Ask the guy at the desk... he's very helpful! (Hint-Giver)

#033 Kabuki Creations
HINT: A diamond for THIS price? What a bargain!

#034 Zenith Fashion
HINT: Where are the NEW clothes?
2 Gifts - 1 male/1 female

#035 Studio Nails
HINT : They come in swirls, they come in flowers, they even come in stars, but the one thing about them is they all pop out at you .

#036 MadeForYou
HINT: *~ Here I give you a huntingtips->
"Where metal goes through the skin"
Thats all, now I will seal my lips
The gift you should be able to win ~*

#037 Whittentons
HINT:  Whatever Lola wants Lola gets ;-) .

#038 .:*LOULOU&CO*:.
HINT : Take a seat and read!

#039 Urban Republic Co.
HINT : Love kills

#040 [croire]
HINT : Nestled in the corner, perched high above

#041 Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia
HINT : I SPARKLE like  a star on a black night.

#042 Dulce Secrets
HINT : Look up, enjoy the view!  Look behind, find the jewel!

#043 *KENTO*
HINT : "You never know what you will find if you look under the sofa cushions"

#044 [BedlaM]
HINT : "Us crystals must stick together"

#045 Mustang Trading Post
HINT : Between two summers we meet.

#046 Culture Fine Jewelry
HINT : Whoever lost this could probably use the gift inside.

#047 SHIKI Designs
HINT : Use this instead of walking

HINT : Find the marine jean with gold buttons

#049 ABJ Aurora Borealis Jewelry
HINT : To get a bed on the gift you really need to get a vintage vantage point

#050 ::RHD:: RoseHaven Designs
HINT: Perhaps a bit o' the Irish luck will lift your spirits and bring you riches...

HINT : meowwwwwwwwwwww

#052 LOVE TATTOOS + Sandwritings
HINT : I love my Bellypiercing!

HINT: Every PRINCESS loves diamonds.

#054 MEB Fashion
HINT : "tighten your waist up!"

#055 Alli&Ali Designs
HINT : Who has a diamond over his head.

#056  A&k Designs
HINT : Is baby i'm a star

#057 Angel Dessous
Hint : One of the store models will guard the treasure

#058 ~Sassy!~
HINT : When I look down, I miss all the good stuff.  When I look up, I just trip over things

#059 JeSyLiLo
HINT : Something old, something NEW

#060 *~:: Sassy Kitty Designs ::~*
HINT : Lets see What's New ?

#061 Candydoll
HINT : Sink your teeth into this "Juicy" prize

#062 Twisted Thorn Textures
HINT : Big girls like big diamonds, just look at Nighty..

#063 Fierce Designs
HINT : Send in the clowns

#064 DrLife
HINT : Lucky Diamond!

#065 DNA
SKIP - Due to new baby real life!!! Congratulations Brox!!!

#066 Shoe Fly Shoes
HINT : Up the down staircase
#067 Champagne!
HINT : You should take a sit

#068 Utopia
Hint: Somewhere behind Women's casual teleporter
Hint: Somewhere behind Men's casual teleporter

#069 Egoisme
HINT : The dragon protect the precious gem

#070 Xclusives Animations
HINT : OUR VIPs ARE the most precious of Gems

#071 ~Simply~
HINT : Check the instore hint giver

#072 n-creation
HINT : You will find it behind curtain of time

#073 Maverick Designs
Female Hint- One skin away from sexy-we "wish" you much success.
Male Hint- "Jet" over to the mens shape department

#074 Tellaq
HINT : Please sit down

#075 Trendstyle
HINT : Going up?

#076 KIM
HINT : This will be a great addition to your wardrobe!

#077 .:FluiD Furniture:.
HINT : Follow the tweet

#078 AKEYO
HINT : Check out the basement

#079 Thalia's Fashion Collection
HINT : Make it your secret obsession!
HINT 2 : Short dresses are my obsession!

#080 SOPHIA Collection
Female - Diamonds give every look a 'formal' touch
Male - Hope it doesn't get swept out with the trash!

#081 Kucinta
HINT : "Check post collection times. Do not miss the postman"

#082 Concrete Flowers
HINT: Its kinda pole dancing!

HINT : Have a break, sit down, take a coffee and look in front of you!

#084 Icarus Home & Media
HINT : I am being watched like an eagle

#085 B&F Poseworx
HINT : "You need one hint? Look for a COUPLE"

#086 QQ Creations
HINT : Just an ordinary desk lamp?

#087 * Amaranthus *
HINT : When you wish upon a star...

Where the beauty skins are, there you will feel like Elizabeth Taylor who loves diamonds

#089 ouTRage Clothing
HINT : Look around the windows and doors. Try walking.

#090 Duh!
HINT : I guess if I had a rock like that I wouldn't miss my head either.

#091 CANCOON Fashion
HINT : Close to the end.. you've almost got this hunt in the BAG

HINT: Come to mama Gina Mama!

#093 DivaLicious
HINT : Find the bunny that is hiding this treasure

#094 Clio
HINT : GROW on up to the 3rd Floor

#095 Beertje's Gallery & Jewelry
HINT: (women) Roses are red...
           (men) The King is watching...

#096 .::Poise::.
HINT : This hunt means you don't have to be an A List Celebrity to have diamonds

#097 LionSkins
HINT : Join the queue

#098 Vanity Hair
HINT : Queen of diamonds

#099 Nardcotix
HINT : Watch your toes!

#100 Capalini Spirits
HINT : "Near an item designed to carry crystals"

#101  Pink Fuel
HINT : Fawns really adore shiny objects don't they?