Saturday, 28 November 2009

Curtis - just wow

Oh my gosh, look at Curtis - it seems like each successive release from Sophistishapes just gets better and better, and Curtis is definitely no exception to the rule.  I've spent some time drooling, ummmm, I mean *looking* over his pic, and I'm nothing but impressed - I love the fine trail of body hair emphasising the shape of his chest and those gorgeous abs - Sophia REALLY knows her shapes, bringing out all the best in the skins she chooses to work with.  I know she spends a lot of time perfecting her shapes to make sure you don't end up with the sharp angles seen so often that pull the reality out of virtual reality - I mean, just look at that face.
Sophistishapes gives you the shape you see in the pic, plus a full style card to set up Curtis EXACTLY as you see him in the pics - all for just L$1000.  Guys, trust me, that's a bargain to be able to look as good as this - you just know you're gonna look hot when you let Sophistishapes help.

Come on down to Sophistishapes and take a look through the whole range - you're sure to find something impressive :)

Till next time,

Friday, 20 November 2009

Wow, look at Lauren... a distinct step from the classically stylised beauty of Lily and Sinitta, Lauren features a stunningly cute skin and a really fresh, untamed look with her wild red hair. 

Sophia has clearly put every bit of her skill into play to bring us Lauren, the shape is spot on and startlingly clean, I'd love to be able to 'see' the lines I'd like to put into a shape rather than come up with something that 'works' - it's a talent, indeed.

I often help new avatars along in SL -  used to tell people to allow somewhere between 3-5000 lindens to put together a top notch Avi - these days I often tell them to start with a look at the offerings from Sophistishapes - the shape, and style card is a brilliant first step on the road to a truly stunning avatar - why not drop on into The Store and take a look for yourself??


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Adonis... need I say more???

Adonis.  Aptly named, isn't he??  I seem to remember something about Adonis being a mythically good looking male, capable of making blonde Aussie girls drool - or maybe that's just this one??

It's so tempting to make an alt with Adonis, except then I'd spend all my time 'dating' myself.  (Yeah, that's a socially acceptable term for what I'd be doing, isn't it???)  Ok, so he's hot - all of the shapes from Sophistishapes are - he has tone and definition and stunning eyes that seem to pierce right into your head, and such lush, pliant, kissable lips - ummmm, where was I again??  Oh, yeah... Sophia *really* knows what she's doing with this.  And she makes incredibly hot men - and women.  A thousand linden for the succulent shape, and a style card giving you all the secrets you need to make your avatar look that good - well, seriously, you're stealing all that for the price of a cup of coffee - or possibly a cup of coffee and a piece of cake if you go to the right coffee shops.  Either way, honestly, it's a bargain.

You can visit Sophistishapes in world, and see the full range of shapes and style cards available from Sophia here  Make the trip, it's worth it - and lets face it, your Avi deserves it :)


Monday, 9 November 2009

A luscious look - Sinitta

There are times you just have to love SL - I'm sitting here pondering exactly why we spend our time in a virtual world, and then new mail from Sophia pops up, with the lovely, languid, luscious Sinitta in it.  An instant reminder of the why - no matter what our flaws, our looks, our self esteem, our bad hair day or just plain 'why bother'iness - we can look like this, anytime.  The only big problem with that is being ABLE to look *this* good - and that's where Sophia comes in with her range from Sophistishapes.

Imagine your very own stylist telling you which bits work together to give you a complete, stunning look... THAT is what Sophistishapes provides, as well as the totally gorgeous shape, you get all the details from what amounts to your personal SL shopper.

The depth Sophia manages to give to the skins she chooses, by carefully designing a shape to give the maximum impact is akin to magic to me - I have my shape, and I choose skins that work well to give me 'my' style - they look how I want to look - but to be able to put together such a range of diverse shapes, looks... each one an individual person all of their own - that is 'style'.

Drop in to Sophistishapes, take a good look at what Sophia can do for you - it's worth the trip, I promise :)

Till next time,
Jess XX