Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sophistishapes Eveningwear

Recently, Sophistishapes has branched out into Eveningwear ..... offering styling information which includes the most beautiful evening looks, for the SAME PRICE!!!  So now, not only can you get detailed info on the skin, hair, eyes and lashes etc. ..... you can also be styled in the most elegant and sophisticated eveningwear from the very best of the fashion designers in SL. 

For that complete makeover and evening look... make your romantic night eveything you could ever wish for and drape yourself in my latest range.  Take a look at a few examples below and head down to or see my complete range in (censored)

Friday, 23 October 2009

Jag & Soraya...

You know, looking at what Sophia does is bad for my drool glands.  Seriously.  These pictures hit my inbox and I end up sitting there, stunned, again.  Here for your delectation are two of her very latest releases, the luscious Jag, and delectable Soraya.

Jag, as you can see, is pure unadulterated hotness in motion.  Well, ok, he's not 'in' motion right there, it's a picture - but picture him moving.  Ummmm, not like that, we only have physics on breasts so far - but picture the REST of him moving.  (OK, you can picture that bit moving - *I* did.)  Now, look at the rest - isn't he stunning?  The jawline.  The abs.  Those gorgeous eyes.  Sophia will tell your guy (or you, for the guys reading this) EXACTLY how to get this look.  Do him a favour.  Do yourself a favour -you've spent a lot of time and effort in making yourself look good, right??  Don't you deserve a hot guy who's every bit as luscious?  Introduce him to Sophistishapes, let HIM be his best, too

I love this.  I just recently gave myself a makeover and went blonde again - followed by another makeover and back to brunette. Ummm, then blonde, red, and brunette again. With blonde tips. OK, so I'm a chameleon that stepped on a lava lamp sometimes, but I love the look that Sophia can give her avi's - no matter what shape and skin and hair, and outfit I put together, I always end up... well... Jess.  Each of Sophia's shapes and styles are such distinct 'people' - so clearly defined a look - and a little bird tells me she's including styles for evening wear and other clothing.  If you want to look good, really good, and you just don't have the fashionista gene, Sophia now gives you everything you need to star in your own show.  Live Second Life to the fullest, come on down to the store and browse the range.

Find these latest releases and the full selection at:

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Bootilicious Beth and Temptuous Theo

Oh so busy!  I forgot to put up my little vixen Beth who slinks onto my shelves so elegantly.  Her Mediterranean looks are sure gonna have those heads turning, no doubt.  Great feedback on her.... and now takes pride of place in my store next to one of my favourite shapes so far (even though I say so myself), Theo.  He kinda makes me stare blankly at the screen now he's all done!  In fact, i'm gonna check the rules, to see if you can partner yourself!  Although, thinking about it, what a hawt couple Beth and Theo would make..... Wow!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Coban, Max & Etienne

Oh boy, just look at these guys.  I'm beaming like the cheshire cat right now, but I'm just not sure if I should go have a cold shower NOW so I can write coherently, or have one after I finish.  Serious sexiness here, I really don't know what Sophia was trying to do handing this trio to me, I'm a drooling mess of wanton harlot right now.  OK, close look, let's start with Coban:

/me sighs, gazing at Coban.
(Well I did - I mean, seriously, look at him.  Such a soulful face on a lean, taut masculine body.  So many guys on SL need a makeover like this - I know us girls are the money spending demographic, all trying to look our best, comfort shopping and trying to attract our mate - but look at Coban - how much harder would we try to attract one like this.  Boys???  Seriously.  Go see Sophia - get her to do *this*, for you.

I'm sorry, I'm going to sound like a blonde here (well I *am* blonde, so it's kind of habitual) but those glasses Max is wearing are doing it for me - Max is doing it for me too, but those glasses are way cute.  This is just typical of how well Sophia puts all the details together with these shapes and styles.  Such luscious abs, too - can't you just feel how they'd ripple under your fingertips as you dragged them over his torso? 

Oh my.  Etienne's a lover.  I can tell from his look on those two side shots.  It's the casual elegant tilt of the head as he looks at you, he's just thinking bad, bad things under that lock of hair.  Again, a stunning set of abs, not as pronounced as Max but still showing excellent muscle definition.  The shape of Etienne's face is just screaming 'European' at me - I have no idea why, but I like it.

Honestly, guys - I know, on average, you don't spend as much on SL as us girls - you're too busy chasing us girls.  Do yourselves a huge favour - come to Sophistishapes, get a look like this and we're much easier to catch. :)

Till next time,
Jess XXX

P.S. You can still visit Sophistishapes stand at the Kmadd Skin/Shape 2009 *here*

Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Best of SL

I had to buff my nails and yet blush just a little bit to see a post on the Best of SL magazine yesterday all about Sophistishapes.  My wonderful friends at the Wild Coast, Sav Lanzet and Padraig Ashbourne put together this wonderful piece after visiting the Skin/Shape Expo where Sophistishapes has a booth displaying my entire range and latest releases, not yet out in my main store. 

Take a peek at (September archive)

Head down to the Expo.... designers have all put up various of their products making sales donations to the Susan G. Komen cancer research charity .....and a chance to see the latest and greatest works of the skin and shape world. 

See you there
Sophia <3

Lima, Lily and Freya

Wow. Actually, strike that...
WOW!!! Yep, WOW!!!
Really, that HAS to be the first thing I say here, because I'm just very impressed with what Sophia has on offer. I've seen a number of people offering alternative shapes, sometimes to go with particular skins, I've seen people offer makeovers, and style cards for particular looks - but I haven't seen anybody with it all quite as polished as Sophia Rossen and Sophistishapes.

What a dark haired beauty Lima is - I love that she's been dressed with such a pretty, clean tattoo, too. Elements of style such as the luscious lashes, fine hair and clear eyes all give a look to be envied - Sophia certainly knows what she's doing here.

Lily, to be honest, is how I'd have loved my Second Life avatar to have been. She's now an extension of me, and truly has her own image (ok, so it's often that of a chameleon, but it's still an image) - but if I'd had the opportunity to 'be' Lily from the start, I'd have jumped at it.

Last of the trio I was shown, and definitely not least, is Freya. Scarily, I used to work with a Freya several years ago, and this avatar is startlingly close to her look - Sophia seems to have a real talent for putting together a complete package that looks very realistic. Her shapes compliment the skins extremely well, hair, eyes, all the details come together to give an almost magical result.

You can find Sophistishapes in world at:
and if you read this before Kmadd Skin/Shape Expo 09 is over, you can get straight to Sophia's stand at:

I'll be back in a few days with three of the very cutest guys I've seen on SL... *yum*

Till the next post,
Jess XXX