Friday, 23 October 2009

Jag & Soraya...

You know, looking at what Sophia does is bad for my drool glands.  Seriously.  These pictures hit my inbox and I end up sitting there, stunned, again.  Here for your delectation are two of her very latest releases, the luscious Jag, and delectable Soraya.

Jag, as you can see, is pure unadulterated hotness in motion.  Well, ok, he's not 'in' motion right there, it's a picture - but picture him moving.  Ummmm, not like that, we only have physics on breasts so far - but picture the REST of him moving.  (OK, you can picture that bit moving - *I* did.)  Now, look at the rest - isn't he stunning?  The jawline.  The abs.  Those gorgeous eyes.  Sophia will tell your guy (or you, for the guys reading this) EXACTLY how to get this look.  Do him a favour.  Do yourself a favour -you've spent a lot of time and effort in making yourself look good, right??  Don't you deserve a hot guy who's every bit as luscious?  Introduce him to Sophistishapes, let HIM be his best, too

I love this.  I just recently gave myself a makeover and went blonde again - followed by another makeover and back to brunette. Ummm, then blonde, red, and brunette again. With blonde tips. OK, so I'm a chameleon that stepped on a lava lamp sometimes, but I love the look that Sophia can give her avi's - no matter what shape and skin and hair, and outfit I put together, I always end up... well... Jess.  Each of Sophia's shapes and styles are such distinct 'people' - so clearly defined a look - and a little bird tells me she's including styles for evening wear and other clothing.  If you want to look good, really good, and you just don't have the fashionista gene, Sophia now gives you everything you need to star in your own show.  Live Second Life to the fullest, come on down to the store and browse the range.

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