Monday, 28 June 2010

Juanelle & Ramond

We've been so busy with the move to our beautiful new stores, but..... two new styled shapes come to you this week.  Starting with the wild and very foxy Juanelle who I am sure will add just that lil' bit of spice to your SL!!!  Using the best SL designers and creators.... Sophistishapes will make you a look that cannot be beaten for realism, originality and quality.

Only a few words spring to mind to describe Ramond, sexy, moody and dangerously delicious. Guys, I am pretty sure you will get into all sorts of trouble with a look like Ramond.  And girls, bring your partners down to Sophistishapes and drool over the choice of drop dead gorgeous hunks we have there.

By the way, thanks for everyone who turned up to see Skye Galaxy for the opening... it was a fantastic evening of pure talent and style with a huge turnout to celebrate our new store opening.  See you there!


Friday, 18 June 2010

Skye Galaxy at Sophistishapes' GRAND OPENING!!

Sophistishapes' GRAND OPENING tonight!!!
1pm SLT
and celebrating with

Amidst an atmospheres of piano and strings, accompanied by soft, raspy vocal, this show is promised to be a unique listening experience. So grab a warm cup of tea and make your way to the front of the crowd, open your mind to an artist who plays for experiencing music with each passing breath, and jump headfirst into a Galaxy of heart and melody.

New highest quality stores now housing male and female styled shapes and eveningwear separately to create an even more easier customer shopping experience.  Come down tonight, check out the new releases, add Sophistishapes to your picks or settle down for one of the best musical live events I've yet heard in SL with Skye.

See you there ... Sophia <3


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Georgia & Gabriel

I know ..... she's gorgeous isn't she...!  Georgia has to be one of my favourite styled shapes yet.  Incredibly sexy and a look that will definitely make a difference to your SL experience.  I won't describe the obvious... she speaks for herself.

Gabriel meets us with his sultry Mediterranean looks.. dark and potentially deadly... watch out girls! Guys, if you want to seriously leave your mark... head on over to Sophistishapes and try on the demo.. you know that we can offer you the styled look you are searching for.  After all, Sophistishapes sponsored Mr Virtual World 2010 and is second to none in styling your av with originality and heaps of sexiness ;p


Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Sophistishapes is proud to announce it's official sponsorship of Mr Virtual World 2010. 

Being held on June 5th - 10am SLT
Sexiest show on the grid!

Sophistishapes is the place to go for the most originally styled male shapes in SL.  Take a look at this week's male release, Lloyd and see if you agree?

Head over to Sophistishapes and try one of a huge range of sexy styled shapes for men and women.