Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Sophistishapes was opened in June this year, as a result of my almost compulsive buying of skin and hair for which I am now receiving counselling! The first shop was opened at the infamous and fabulous Kaiya Islands Naturist Resort, where in my view, a high quality skin is almost compulsory, since pretty much a tattoo is the only "clothing" allowed.

I style my shapes in only the very best skins, hair and accessories, creating the shape specifically around the skin. So many times a fantastic skin can be ruined by a badly designed shape. All my products contain one of the most sexy modifiable shapes in SL and styling card. The styling card gives complete details of all skin, hair, eyes, lashes etc. and landmarks to recreate the exact "look" seen on the salesboard.

It is the hope that you find exactly the "look" that you want at Sophistishapes, but if not I am more than happy to do custom work to create that personal touch or even amend an existing shape to suit.

Since the successful opening of Sophistishapes, I have opened stores at several other locations but the main store can be found at Take a browse in the relaxing and classy atmosphere there while you choose from the selection of sophisticated "looks" created for both males and females.

Sophistishapes ...... not just a shape store!