Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The summer heat must have gone to my head... another 2nd floor

Normally L$1000 - now only L$500

These hotties here are just a small selection of the
quality styled shapes available for men and women at

Sale ends Wednesday!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Tamsin & Dylan

Sultry and just plain sexy.... Tamsin slinks her way into our store... ready to bring a new experience to your SL.  With model looks and shape, just head over to Sophistishapes, try on Tamsin's shape
 and use the easy to follow styling card to create the new "You"!

Dylan is here for you gorgeous boys... tanned, proportioned and certainly going to attract some attention out there on the grid... so men.. make things easy on yourself...the one stop shopping solution provided by
Sophistishapes to make it easy to create the look you want!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Orion & Marta

Yes, I know, you can almost reach out and touch him... the realism of Orion's look is unquestionably one of the best.  A little on the geeky side, but utterly unique and deliciously sexy.  Guys, you want to stand out from the usual clones in SL.... Orion will definitely give you a particularly sophisticated yet sexy look.  Ladies, well ... just drag your man over to Sophistishapes and make that shopping experience easy with all shapes coming with a styling card, giving styling suggestions and landmarks to all stores to recreate this exact look.

Next, we have Marta..  the delicate, doe eyed beauty who could just melt hearts at a few paces.  The epitome of femininity comes in her form so ladies... head on over, try on the demo and don't forget the Made to Fit Lashes that all female Sophistishapes are known for.  Don't struggle trying to edit those lashes... it's all been done for you!!!

A beautiful couple step forward today ... Orion and Marta.  Come take a look here at Sophistishapes, you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Complete avatars for ONLY L$500 !!!!


L$500 ONLY !!

Are you....

  • A new resident to Second Life and have managed to find your way around this crazy world and ended up here, don't have the money or the degree required to put together a stunning av or

  • Wanting to cheaply and quickly put together an alt, without having to trawl the grid to create a realistic, quality look
Well you came to the right place!  Here at Sophistishapes you can do JUST THAT!

Elizabeth and Norell complete avatar packages are available for those avs UNDER 90 DAYS only and come complete with:

Sophistishape, skin, hair, eyes, AO and facelight

An amazing, limited offer, far too good to be missed!!  

Both offers are at the entrance to the female store at Sophistishapes

See you there!  Sophia <3

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Davina & Jenna

Ladies... if you're after a look that's cheeky yet sexy, Jenna fits the bill. If you want to make a statement, a style and image that noone will forget.... then Davina is for you!

These sexy styled shapes speak for themselves and add yet another smattering of realism and originality to the array of probably the best shapes in Second Life.  There's no doubt that with over 80 styled shapes for men and women,  Sophistishapes will have something that just feels just perfect for you!