Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Complete avatars for ONLY L$500 !!!!


L$500 ONLY !!

Are you....

  • A new resident to Second Life and have managed to find your way around this crazy world and ended up here, don't have the money or the degree required to put together a stunning av or

  • Wanting to cheaply and quickly put together an alt, without having to trawl the grid to create a realistic, quality look
Well you came to the right place!  Here at Sophistishapes you can do JUST THAT!

Elizabeth and Norell complete avatar packages are available for those avs UNDER 90 DAYS only and come complete with:

Sophistishape, skin, hair, eyes, AO and facelight

An amazing, limited offer, far too good to be missed!!  

Both offers are at the entrance to the female store at Sophistishapes

See you there!  Sophia <3

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