Friday, 6 August 2010

Orion & Marta

Yes, I know, you can almost reach out and touch him... the realism of Orion's look is unquestionably one of the best.  A little on the geeky side, but utterly unique and deliciously sexy.  Guys, you want to stand out from the usual clones in SL.... Orion will definitely give you a particularly sophisticated yet sexy look.  Ladies, well ... just drag your man over to Sophistishapes and make that shopping experience easy with all shapes coming with a styling card, giving styling suggestions and landmarks to all stores to recreate this exact look.

Next, we have Marta..  the delicate, doe eyed beauty who could just melt hearts at a few paces.  The epitome of femininity comes in her form so ladies... head on over, try on the demo and don't forget the Made to Fit Lashes that all female Sophistishapes are known for.  Don't struggle trying to edit those lashes... it's all been done for you!!!

A beautiful couple step forward today ... Orion and Marta.  Come take a look here at Sophistishapes, you won't be disappointed!!

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