Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sophistishapes latest releases - Leila and Tanya

LEILA and TANYA are the latest female releases from SOPHISTISHAPES...

These two beauties now hang on the walls of Sophistishapes just waiting for someone who perhaps just wants to start again... make that change... buy as a gift for a friend? 

Leila looks a gentle soul, innocent and delicate ... unlike Tanya who looks like a sexy little minx!  Who knows.. if they feel like they could be the new YOU?... head on over to Sophistishapes and check out the huge range of sexy styled shapes for men and women.

Boys.... they're coming up real soon...!

Sophia <3


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dale & Victoria

Let's start with Dale... an almost statuesque bodyshape... chiselled features and classically romantic body detail... he stands poised to be worn by one of you gorgeous men.  Ladies.. if you like his "look" then don't forget Dale can also be bought as a gift on Xstreet (or xstreet board in my main store).  Dale's paler skin is appealing in itself.. an alternative to the high tan more thickly set look.  I know one thing... I'd drape him from my arm any day .... ;p

Below we have Victoria... the pouty lips and sexy far away look... recognise her at all?  When putting together this look.. the name just had to fit the bill as a possible Mrs Beckham.  Her fine, delicate shape and almost perfectly featured pixie face... shows her as one of my best shapes so far. 

I am certain that by popping over to Sophistishapes main store, you will find a shape and style to suit your desires.  Make your makeover experience just a little easier... with a sexy shape and styling card detailing all skin, hair and eyes with landmarks to recreate the exact look on the poster.

See you there.... oh and PS... thanks for everyone who came to the Sophistishapes Catwalk Show last weekend.. a huge success and loads of fun!

Sophia <3


Saturday, 15 May 2010


Sophistishapes very first catwalk, showcasing a stunning selection of styled shapes being held tomorrow, Sunday 16th May, at The Bay - Kaiya Islands 2-3pm SLT.

Set in the wonderful Kaiya Islands' chilled atmosphere, you can sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of DJ Eth Tedeschi and watch some pretty hot models strut their stuff... giving you a chance to view a selection of some of the sexiest and original looks in SL. 

Lots of fun and a chance to maybe start again, change your look... spice up your SL... buy as a gift for a friend.  What a difference a shape can make!

See you there!
Sophia <3


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dahlia & Ben

Wistful and wild as the wind, Dahlia has been released earlier this week.  A look of sheer beauty, her passion bubbling just below the surface, hidden delicately by her mane of black.  Dahlia represents those of us who identify with these attributes and yearn for such a unique and sexy look.  Well now you can.... at a place that makes shopping for a new image, a new start.. so much easier... Sophistishapes!  Dahlia is waiting for you amidst a myriad of other sexy shapes for you to test out...Oh! and don't forget every female shape has Made To Fit lashes created by Talon Faire.  So no more editing lashes girls!

Next, this week, is Ben whose blonde, models looks set him apart from the crowd.  Looks that would not be out of place on the catwalk.  His strong, muscular torso .... well ... makes me go just a little weak at the knees.. his eyes seemingly calling out.. kinda don't help either!  Another original look which now bedecks the Sophistishape main store where there, I am sure you will find him.  There's bound to be one if not more styled shapes that takes your fancy. 

I was asked this week by a woman to stop making shapes, since she has ended up creating 5 alts to wear those looks since she couldn't decide which one to buy and I was costing her a  Well, I'm not quite ready to stop just yet.. so have fun shopping! 

Need a taxi?  Sophistishapes

Sophia <3


Monday, 10 May 2010

Juliette and Westley

Juliette is a bit of a pin up, a Bohemian beauty who's classic lines give her a mark of sophistication.  The gentleness in her eyes I'm sure does not completely hide the temptress within.  If only wrapping a scarf around our heads in the morning could result in such an effect... *sighs.  The choice of skin, hair and eyes on this one took me a while but I think the final outcome of style was worth the time.  She's just popping right off the shelves now.  I hope you enjoy Juliette and she brings you much fun!  

Holding Juliette's delicate hand this week we have Westley, whose name I now reconsider should perhaps have been Sampson due to his simply gorgeous longer hair.  I am one woman who would, for not one second, think of taking away his manly strength with the snip of my scissors.  This is the first time I've used skin from this particular designer and it certainly won't be the last. 

I hope you enjoy these latest releases from Sophistishapes and stay tuned very soon for some more posts on already released styled shapes.  Or alternatively, if you just can't wait, pop on down to my main store where you can try on all the demos you like and perhaps even take a peek at the stunning new Utopia eveningwear available to buy there too :)

It's as easy as clicking here to find a huge selection of sexy male and female shapes to suit most desires.  See ya there!  Sophistishapes

Sophia <3