Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dahlia & Ben

Wistful and wild as the wind, Dahlia has been released earlier this week.  A look of sheer beauty, her passion bubbling just below the surface, hidden delicately by her mane of black.  Dahlia represents those of us who identify with these attributes and yearn for such a unique and sexy look.  Well now you can.... at a place that makes shopping for a new image, a new start.. so much easier... Sophistishapes!  Dahlia is waiting for you amidst a myriad of other sexy shapes for you to test out...Oh! and don't forget every female shape has Made To Fit lashes created by Talon Faire.  So no more editing lashes girls!

Next, this week, is Ben whose blonde, models looks set him apart from the crowd.  Looks that would not be out of place on the catwalk.  His strong, muscular torso .... well ... makes me go just a little weak at the knees.. his eyes seemingly calling out.. kinda don't help either!  Another original look which now bedecks the Sophistishape main store where there, I am sure you will find him.  There's bound to be one if not more styled shapes that takes your fancy. 

I was asked this week by a woman to stop making shapes, since she has ended up creating 5 alts to wear those looks since she couldn't decide which one to buy and I was costing her a  Well, I'm not quite ready to stop just yet.. so have fun shopping! 

Need a taxi?  Sophistishapes

Sophia <3


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