Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dale & Victoria

Let's start with Dale... an almost statuesque bodyshape... chiselled features and classically romantic body detail... he stands poised to be worn by one of you gorgeous men.  Ladies.. if you like his "look" then don't forget Dale can also be bought as a gift on Xstreet (or xstreet board in my main store).  Dale's paler skin is appealing in itself.. an alternative to the high tan more thickly set look.  I know one thing... I'd drape him from my arm any day .... ;p

Below we have Victoria... the pouty lips and sexy far away look... recognise her at all?  When putting together this look.. the name just had to fit the bill as a possible Mrs Beckham.  Her fine, delicate shape and almost perfectly featured pixie face... shows her as one of my best shapes so far. 

I am certain that by popping over to Sophistishapes main store, you will find a shape and style to suit your desires.  Make your makeover experience just a little easier... with a sexy shape and styling card detailing all skin, hair and eyes with landmarks to recreate the exact look on the poster.

See you there.... oh and PS... thanks for everyone who came to the Sophistishapes Catwalk Show last weekend.. a huge success and loads of fun!

Sophia <3


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