Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lima, Lily and Freya

Wow. Actually, strike that...
WOW!!! Yep, WOW!!!
Really, that HAS to be the first thing I say here, because I'm just very impressed with what Sophia has on offer. I've seen a number of people offering alternative shapes, sometimes to go with particular skins, I've seen people offer makeovers, and style cards for particular looks - but I haven't seen anybody with it all quite as polished as Sophia Rossen and Sophistishapes.

What a dark haired beauty Lima is - I love that she's been dressed with such a pretty, clean tattoo, too. Elements of style such as the luscious lashes, fine hair and clear eyes all give a look to be envied - Sophia certainly knows what she's doing here.

Lily, to be honest, is how I'd have loved my Second Life avatar to have been. She's now an extension of me, and truly has her own image (ok, so it's often that of a chameleon, but it's still an image) - but if I'd had the opportunity to 'be' Lily from the start, I'd have jumped at it.

Last of the trio I was shown, and definitely not least, is Freya. Scarily, I used to work with a Freya several years ago, and this avatar is startlingly close to her look - Sophia seems to have a real talent for putting together a complete package that looks very realistic. Her shapes compliment the skins extremely well, hair, eyes, all the details come together to give an almost magical result.

You can find Sophistishapes in world at:
and if you read this before Kmadd Skin/Shape Expo 09 is over, you can get straight to Sophia's stand at:

I'll be back in a few days with three of the very cutest guys I've seen on SL... *yum*

Till the next post,
Jess XXX

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