Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Adonis... need I say more???

Adonis.  Aptly named, isn't he??  I seem to remember something about Adonis being a mythically good looking male, capable of making blonde Aussie girls drool - or maybe that's just this one??

It's so tempting to make an alt with Adonis, except then I'd spend all my time 'dating' myself.  (Yeah, that's a socially acceptable term for what I'd be doing, isn't it???)  Ok, so he's hot - all of the shapes from Sophistishapes are - he has tone and definition and stunning eyes that seem to pierce right into your head, and such lush, pliant, kissable lips - ummmm, where was I again??  Oh, yeah... Sophia *really* knows what she's doing with this.  And she makes incredibly hot men - and women.  A thousand linden for the succulent shape, and a style card giving you all the secrets you need to make your avatar look that good - well, seriously, you're stealing all that for the price of a cup of coffee - or possibly a cup of coffee and a piece of cake if you go to the right coffee shops.  Either way, honestly, it's a bargain.

You can visit Sophistishapes in world, and see the full range of shapes and style cards available from Sophia here  Make the trip, it's worth it - and lets face it, your Avi deserves it :)


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