Friday, 20 November 2009

Wow, look at Lauren... a distinct step from the classically stylised beauty of Lily and Sinitta, Lauren features a stunningly cute skin and a really fresh, untamed look with her wild red hair. 

Sophia has clearly put every bit of her skill into play to bring us Lauren, the shape is spot on and startlingly clean, I'd love to be able to 'see' the lines I'd like to put into a shape rather than come up with something that 'works' - it's a talent, indeed.

I often help new avatars along in SL -  used to tell people to allow somewhere between 3-5000 lindens to put together a top notch Avi - these days I often tell them to start with a look at the offerings from Sophistishapes - the shape, and style card is a brilliant first step on the road to a truly stunning avatar - why not drop on into The Store and take a look for yourself??


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