Monday, 9 November 2009

A luscious look - Sinitta

There are times you just have to love SL - I'm sitting here pondering exactly why we spend our time in a virtual world, and then new mail from Sophia pops up, with the lovely, languid, luscious Sinitta in it.  An instant reminder of the why - no matter what our flaws, our looks, our self esteem, our bad hair day or just plain 'why bother'iness - we can look like this, anytime.  The only big problem with that is being ABLE to look *this* good - and that's where Sophia comes in with her range from Sophistishapes.

Imagine your very own stylist telling you which bits work together to give you a complete, stunning look... THAT is what Sophistishapes provides, as well as the totally gorgeous shape, you get all the details from what amounts to your personal SL shopper.

The depth Sophia manages to give to the skins she chooses, by carefully designing a shape to give the maximum impact is akin to magic to me - I have my shape, and I choose skins that work well to give me 'my' style - they look how I want to look - but to be able to put together such a range of diverse shapes, looks... each one an individual person all of their own - that is 'style'.

Drop in to Sophistishapes, take a good look at what Sophia can do for you - it's worth the trip, I promise :)

Till next time,
Jess XX

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