Saturday, 28 November 2009

Curtis - just wow

Oh my gosh, look at Curtis - it seems like each successive release from Sophistishapes just gets better and better, and Curtis is definitely no exception to the rule.  I've spent some time drooling, ummmm, I mean *looking* over his pic, and I'm nothing but impressed - I love the fine trail of body hair emphasising the shape of his chest and those gorgeous abs - Sophia REALLY knows her shapes, bringing out all the best in the skins she chooses to work with.  I know she spends a lot of time perfecting her shapes to make sure you don't end up with the sharp angles seen so often that pull the reality out of virtual reality - I mean, just look at that face.
Sophistishapes gives you the shape you see in the pic, plus a full style card to set up Curtis EXACTLY as you see him in the pics - all for just L$1000.  Guys, trust me, that's a bargain to be able to look as good as this - you just know you're gonna look hot when you let Sophistishapes help.

Come on down to Sophistishapes and take a look through the whole range - you're sure to find something impressive :)

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