Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ophelie & Edward

Where to start with Ophelie??  She has almost porcelain skin on a frame that just screams out European - I think she's just gorgeous.  For those that don't know Sophistishapes, or Sophia Rossen's 'credentials' for shape design, her formative years in Second Life were spent at one of the very foremost beach playgrounds, a place where looks weren't everything, but boy were they something... from there, it became apparent that she had a real flair for avatar design - matching stunning skins to her custom shapes and coming up with something that quite often takes the breath away from the people who see them - fast forward to today, and here's Ophelie, the latest in a successive line of luscious shapes and style cards that let you look like a million dollars, for only a handful of Lindens. 

Oh dear - Edward.  Ed-ward.  Can we say that name without seeing the slighty vapid doe eyed trans-lation of a vampire that hollywood forced upon us?  If not, you're about to have a real treat, Sophistishapes Edward is all man, his athletic build is a real stand out amongst so many of the macho men in SL - lovely detail to his body lets the skin absolutely shine.  Guys,  I know, statistically you're not the biggest spenders in Second Life, but a shape and skin like this is an investment in your avatar - a one stop solution to getting yourself to the point where your personality can get through the nice solid walls us girls put up after 'Hi' :)

So come on, spoil yourself, head on down to Sophistishapes and have a browse - there really is something for everyone, and the line just gets better and better

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