Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sal & Nadia

It never fails to impress me when I see the level of detail and realism that Sophistishapes manages to put into each and every shape and style card.  I know that our avatars are just a combination of pixels, artwork, and numbers in the machine, but just look at Sal - can't you just reach out and touch him??  Heyyyyyyy, not *there*, jeez girls, he's not just some kind of object for us to lust after... oh, yeah, ok... maybe he is.  Guys - you can look this good - girls - your guy can look this good... get on down to Sophistishapes and make your avatar something special :)
After Sal, we have Nadia - I actually mentioned this skin to Sophia as something that needed a great dedicated shape, but I had no idea she'd come up with something *this* good.  I love this look, truly exotic - and it really adds depth to the range available at Sophistishapes.  Come on down and take a look round the store, there definitely is something for everyone, and the lengths Sophia goes to to ensure each one is as perfect as the next is far below slapping a skin on a shape, she has a real talent for this, and it shows.

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