Monday, 22 February 2010

Gwen and Jules (and don't forget your freebie!!)

Look at those lips!  Yet again Sophistishapes has put an absolutely amazing skin and shape combo together, I love the eyes, the line of the jaw, the definition to the belly, but my god, those lips - I'm a little scared to try this one on, I'll wanna kiss myself all the time.  And actually, that's all part of it, isn't it?  Haven't you sat, looking at your avatar, thinking "yesssss, I look good?"  I was actually part of a conversation about that, the other day, how someone spends most of their time logged in, chatting to friends, with themselves on the screen, watching their avi.  Sophistishapes specialises in giving you a truly breathtaking look for your avatar, the shape, skin, hair and eyes are all put together with an eye to a beautiful finish.  Finishing touches even include optional things like eyelashes, carefully matched and fitted to each shape and skin in the Sophistishapes range by Talon Faire
The boys aren't left out at Sophistishapes, either, there's a wide range of wonderful shapes and styles to choose from, and Jules is the latest - to my eye Jules is a little younger than many of the men of Sophistishapes, but none less gorgeous for that at all... and just imagine the stamina this lad would have!  (Jess drifts off for a few minutes of stamina filled thoughts)

OK, so you get the picture... well, I do, lol... god, what a picture - so, yeah - guys - go get him - girls, go get your guy in him - the money you spend on a Sophistishapes shape *really* is an investment in your avatar

Only a few days are left in the 'Every Rose' hunt, so you only have till the 28th of February to pick up the luscious Belle shape for free:

Come down to the store for full details - don't miss out on Belle for free, she's a beauty in her own right:
Click here to TP to Sophistishapes, find Belle and peruse the whole, gorgeous range that's on offer...

Till next time,

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