Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ross, Meilin, and a hot free shape...

Look at those eyes - and that chin... not to mention the lips... *sigh* - yet again, I'm having impure thoughts about a Sophistishapes shape.  Really impure.  If they get any more impure I think my brain will end up pregnant.  (Hmmmm, I wouldn't mind some pickles, maybe it already is???  OMG, scary thought - can your brain get pregnant from that?)  You know, girls, you could do a lot worse than getting your guy into Ross's shape and skin for Valentines Day - and hey, if it doesn't work out there'll be one more Ross out there for me to play with :)
Meilin - even the name conjures a slender, willowy asian girl - almost exactly the build I see here - except the name doesn't *quite* get to the exotic eastern beauty that Sophia has gifted Meilin with. I often find it very impressive that I hear the name, and have an 'image' that goes with it, and then find the shape Sophia has put together for it matches :)

So there are the two new releases... one post, all finished... what's that?  You want to know about mumble mumble??  oooooooh... the free shape??? :)  Sophistishapes is in the 'Every Rose' hunt:

Come down to the store for full details - the prize is the luscious Belle shape:
 I've worn Belle, she's a gorgeously long legged brunette - well worth the time you'll invest in hunting her down in the store - Sophia assures me she's not *too* hard to find :)

Click here to TP to Sophistishapes and have a look everything there is available.

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