Friday, 5 February 2010

Taylor & Grace

/me whimpers... O. M. G.  - Sophia's at it again, she's making bad boys... I *know* Taylor's gonna be trouble, he's gonna drive his car too fast, be irresistable and flirt with all my friends... he'll make my mother go week at the knees by turning up in a suit when he meets her then do wicked things to me under the table at the restaurant... but I don't care.  He's gorgeous.  One 'how about it, babe' and I'll be either wandering out of a club with him, or possibly just into a dark corner to be completely taken advantage of.  Several times, hopefully.  Yes, this is my type of guy.  I want to rezz him straight onto my couch, right now, and save all the mucking around circling each other with smouldering eyes and wanton glances.
Hmmmm... I don't know about Grace... sure... she's sexy... hot... the dusky skin and sexy eyes *do* do it for me... she just looks like she'd be the one slinking off with Taylor behind my back.  Oh, hang on - heh - a quick trip to Sophistishapes and I can *be* her... I keep forgetting that... I bet if I look like Grace I can pick up a dozen Taylors *giggles*  Seriously - if your avi doesn't already look THIS good, come to Sophistishapes and take a look at what there is - there really is an avatar for everyone there - and if there isn't one for you, IM Sophia and talk to her about customs - she's *that* good :)

I'll leave you with one more shot of a Sophistishapes shape out in the 'real' world - here's Maria dressed up to party:
Click here to TP to Sophistishapes and have a look at all there is on offer.

Till next time,


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