Sunday, 28 March 2010

Clarisse & Henri

Wow!!  I'm wearing Clarisse as we speak, and she's a knockout - she feels curvier than my previous favourite, Rose, and is just ultra ultra gorgeous.  She has lovely cheekbones, and the chin and lips are just about the most perfect I've seen in SL.  Love your work, Sophia :)
I'll pop in a couple of shots of her 'my way' to show you even more of just how good she looks in world:
*BE* Morroco in pink 7
Out on the town...

Next up, we have Henri, tall, dark, and lusciously hand- some, I can think of ten things I'd like to do to him *right* now and none of them are suitable for putting on a blog.  I love that Sophia can put together such stunningly attractive men AND women - can you imagine how Second Life would look  if she'd been responsible for the startup avatars??

Guys, girls (and the indecisive 'other's) come on down and take a look at Sophistishapes and have a browse - there really is something for everyone, and the range keeps on getting better

Till next time,


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