Friday, 12 March 2010

Nell, Helen & Louis + Blackhearts Event

Wow, gorgeousness abounds with these three new releases from Sophistishapes, starting with Nell with her lush, full red lips, a smattering of freckles over her light, delicate skin, sweet curves and bold, beautiful eyes.  The dark, soft curls finish her off so well, it's hard to believe this picture is of a Second Life avatar.
I don't know about you, but I think Helen is quite stunning - I'm getting almost a Eurasian feel from her, and I love the full, slightly parted lips - just lovely.  And those legs, gawd, don't they just go *all* the way??  I really do love the effort Sophistishapes put into each and every release, they're just brilliant.
OMG, yet another man to die for from Sophistishapes - Louis is just... well look at him... isn't that just yum?  The abs... legs and arms so strong without too much bulk, that jaw... and the eyes - isn't he just looking right into you??  All credit to Sophia, she knows her craft with males just as much as with females, each and every shape is just *so* polished.

Coming this weekend is a sponsored event at Blackhearts, one of the premier clubs in Second Life.  Fiesta night has been sponsored by Sophistishapes, and amongst the entertainment for the evening will be an award of a free shape and style card for the best costume on the night.  Saturday 13th March, 12 - 3pm, SLT

Click here to tp to Blackhearts - see the ad below:
As always, every Sophistishapes shape comes with a thorough style card, detailing skin choice, hair, eyes, etc to get the look as shown.  The results are just luscious - Click here to TP to Sophistishapes and take a look through the wide range that's available.

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