Saturday, 16 January 2010

Marcus and Anton - The boys are back in town

Mmmmmm, eye candy for Jess - I *so* love getting new guys from Sophia :)  I've gotta admit though, out of these two, Anton definitely has me - he's just got the bad boy come nice guy look that tantalises - not to mention a lush, lean frame, gorgeous hair and lovely eyes.  Sophistishapes is really getting a great catalogue with a broad variety of shapes and styles for guys and girls - and if you really can't find anything you like, contact Sophia, she does wonderful customs, too.

Just look at the gorgeous body art on Anton - such a dream of a man.  I love the fact that all of Sophistishapes shapes offer excellent shape and definition without being musclebound - I haven't seen one of Sophia's Avi's that I wouldn't happily drag off to bed - or maybe even just the floor in front of the sofa. *giggles* 

Sophistishapes is an official supplier of shapes to suit Belleza's skins - you can see a range in the Belleza store - so you can be absolutely assured that you're getting a top notch shape everytime - Sophia's grounding in shape, form, and making a stunning avatar in Second Life is spot on.

Now, who'd like a free Sophistishape shape and styling card package??  Sophistishapes is participating in the Forbidden Fruit hunt - and Chloe, pictured here, is the reward for finding the fruit.  

Full details are in store - look for the following sign:

Click here to TP right into the store, take a browse through all the range, and find that apple to sample Chloe for yourself!!

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