Thursday, 7 January 2010

Rebecca, Willow, and Chloe for free...

Sophia has been at it again, bringing out two new stunners, Rebecca, a luscious red head, and Willow, a beautiful blonde.  As always, these new releases from Sophistishapes come with shapes for everyday wear and a 'skirt' edition, fully modifiable, plus a styling card giving you the details on making your avatar look as good as the image you see.  Sophia creates a perfectly matched shape to the skins she works with, to give a result that's second to none.
As you can see, Sophia puts a lot of effort into making sure the lines all work - no sharp edges to the curves, no improbable bulges - the shape you get will be lush and feminine, and matched impeccably to the skin it's designed for.  A range of additional prefitted eyelashes in collaboration with Talon Faire allow you to add custom features to your Sophistishape shape.

Now, who'd like a free Sophistishape shape and styling card package??  Sophistishapes is participating in the Forbidden Fruit hunt - and Chloe, pictured here, is the reward for finding the fruit.  Full details are in store - look for the following sign:

Click here to TP right into the store, take a browse through all the range, and find the apple to sample Chloe for yourself!!

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