Wednesday, 7 April 2010

DrLife comes to Sophistishapes

In an exceptional pairing, DrLife skins to suit the latest shapes from Sophistishapes are now conveniently available in store.  Saving you a trip to what is often one of the busiest skin stores in Second Life, you can choose the matching skin for Alicia, Ophelie and Angelica as you pickup the shape and style card.

These three girls all sport a truly individual look, with exotic styling, but I must admit Angelica is by far my favourite of the trio.  All three are gorgeous, and will turn heads in the world of Second Life, yet the definition of Angelica's features, and the shape of her face just steal my eyes.
DrLife skins feature modifiable makeup - giving you thousands of options to customise the skin to exactly what you want, as a look.  (Make a copy of the skin first - I've made some stunning blunders while playing with my million makeup options :))  As a further option to personalise your avatar even more, Talon Faire's 'Made to Fit Lashes' are also available for Angelica, Alidia & Ophelie.

Talon Faire has made a name in Second Life for offering spectacular lashes, and the combination of them with the DrLife skin and a Sophistishapes shape all come together into something truly special - no spending hours making them fit, either - they just work, first time :)

Take the trip to Sophistishapes and see these new girls - Sophia has created magic yet again

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  1. I am so glad to see DrLife skins finally getting more recognition, I think they are stunning skins, beautiful yet realistic too, in fact, the most realistic skins I have worn yet in sl. Wonderful pairing.