Monday, 19 April 2010

Naomi & Estelle

I'm wearing Naomi now - luscious looks and a body to die for - have been for days - she's yet again one of those shapes where people just come up and compliment how good you look :)  The shape of the face, full pouting lips and flawless cheeks, the gorgeous detail to the skin, highlights and shadows bringing Naomi to life, all combine to make for one traffic stopping avatar - to say I'm impressed is an understatement.  Sophia's time at the Wild Coast Kaiya Islands resort really has served her well when you see her produce shapes and styles like this.
 I love the contrast between Estelle and Naomi - it's a testament to Sophia's skill in designing these looks that she can keep giving new, fresh styles all the time.  I love the depth of those dark eyes, and the subtle curves to her body.  Estelle has a dusky depth to her, belied by the initial pale look to her skin.  Lovely work indeed.

You can tp direct to the store just by clicking here: Sophistishapes  Take the time to come and browse, there are dozens of choices, with something to suit everyone in store.

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