Thursday, 15 April 2010

Zoe & Zach

Zoe - the name just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?  It's the Zed, I say... or the Zee... it's just a luscious start to the name... speaking of luscious, look at those lips - perfect pout, and such glossy red lipstick... gorgeousness, right?  Such a pretty chin, delicate facial features, and I love the definition of her belly, the rise of her shoulders and the shape of her collar bones, too.  I love the way Sophia can give a slender shape such well defined curves, she really does have the midas touch with her designs.

Wow, isn't Zach just something?  Facially more mature than many of the pretty twenty something guys everywhere in SL, he's also toned and wonderfully fit, without being muscle bound or disproportional.  I love the lines of those muscles all down his torso, and the cords to the muscles in his legs - gawd, I can feel that body against mine, and that smoldering gaze... *yum*

Take the time to drop into Sophistishapes, Sophia does wonderful things with avatars, and you deserve to have the very best, too

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