Thursday, 17 December 2009

'Made to Fit' prim lashes - Sophistishapes and Talon Faire

Prim lashes - the scourge of Second Life, right??  I mean so many of us have tried them, struggled for hours to get them to fit, and given up, screaming with frustration.  They DO look good though, don't they?  If only there was an easy way to fit them to your avi and get the results you see above - well, here's the kicker, now you can... :)

Sophistishapes and Talon Faire have got together to give you the ideal solution to stunning eyelashes - Talon Faire, known throughout the lands of Second Life for high quality lashes has pre-fitted a range of beautiful eyelashes to the shapes from Sophistishapes - you can be sure they'll have the perfect fit, first time, every time.

Up until now, I'd found lashes made for lovely photo's, as long as I kept straight on to not show the fiasco I'd made, fitting them, but next to useless for everyday wear - these, laid down by an expert in the field, are just wonderful.  You get three beautiful sets tailor made to suit your preffered Sophistishape shape, and they work in with the recommended skin so well, too.

Having worn Lily and Maria for quite a while, I'd thought there wasn't much I could do to improve them - these lashes are just the most brilliant finishing touch to an already polished package.  Well done, Talon Faire and Sophistishapes - another great idea :)

Drop on down to Sophistishapes and take a look at the range of lashes available - they're nothing but impressive!

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