Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sebastian & David - Two of the best...

As an avid participant in one of the larger fashion groups in Second Life, I often hear males complaining they don't have the opportunities to look good that female avi's do.  Just take a look at these two luscious boys - seriously - I hear daily from guys in little more than their startup Avi that they don't know how to look good - for L$1000 you get the shape, and step by step instructions on assembling the gorgeous avatar you see in the image.  You will need a skin, hair, eyes, etc, but I can't begin to tell you the response you will get to an avatar styled by Sophistishapes - Sophia *really* knows her stuff.  And girls, get your boys to try this out - they really are THAT good!!!

You can see the full range of Sophia's shapes at Sophistishapes - excellent avatars for both guys and girls - and as you can see from David & Sebastian, and the various images below there is a huge variety of looks and styles - evening wear too - come on down, and take a look - you deserve it.

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