Thursday, 11 November 2010

DIAMOND IS MINE HUNT - 14-30 November

Sophistishapes is organising it's first ever hunt

14 - 30 November starting at our Main Store

THINK OF SOME OF THE BEST CREATORS IN SL.... they're probably in this list!
We have some of the best SL designers participating all listed below, detailed name, hunt location and hint. 


#001       SOPHISTISHAPES                             
Hint : The prize that glitters amongst the flowers
Two diamonds, two shapes (male & female) - one in each of the two main stores.

#002       A&k Designs                    
Hint : (its cold out there bring a coat)

#003       Diesel Works Poses & Animations         
Hint : "I heard there was a diamond of a SALE but does this pose make me look FAT?"

#004      SKIP

#005       [LeeZu!]                
Hint : ("goes good with your morning cup of coffee")

Hint : (I have the diamond!) )

#007        CHAMPAGNE!   
Hint : ("look at the beauty growing")

#008        CheerNo                                             
Hint : ("This is a great gift and we're not 'lion'")

#009        Concrete Flowers                                
Hint : mmmm sausage!

#010         Icarus Home & Media           
Hint : (Wonder if anything good comes on BETWEEN those two tv shows)

#011         [BedlaM]                                           
Hint : (The Clown guards the booty)

#012         Kumaki Glasses Style                         
Hint : (Near waterweed)

#013         MIMI'S CHOICE
Hint : (Look for diamond drops, you will find the diamond)

#014         BalAni                                                
Hint : (This suits me well!)

#015         Utopia                                        - after tp'ing here, follow the red arrow to the prize
Hint : (Find the NEW mainstore)

#016         ATOMIC

#017         MADesigns         
Hint : (His name is IVAN.)

#018         Mango, Mango!  
Hint : (I gacha prize right here!)

#019         SHIKI                                               
Hint : (There's a twinkle in the zebra outfit.)

#020         AKEYO                               
Hint : ("check out the great  view on the terrace")

Hint : (Roses might be red, and diamonds most definitely are blue, but diamonds on nails? now that's something totally new)

#022         **ButterFly Effectz**                         
Hint : In this hunt your looking high your looking low, just stopn and enjoy the view on the boob tube

#023         .:Ducknipple:.                                      
Hint : (No hint necessary)
#024a       [White~Widow]
Womens Hint : (Women love diamonds... especially Kay !!!)
Mens Hint : (I love my new earring, it's perfect with my swirl hair)                             

#025         Thalia's Fashion Collection                  
Hint : (Let the shining star guide you.)

#026          Hyper Culture                                    
Hint : (Bloomin Under!)
#027          Zanzo                
Hint : (Seek out the "82" and you will find your prize within.)

#028          MadeForYou                                    
Hint : ("Are you a hunter on the drift...
Searching for MadeForYou's hunting-Gift?
Here is a hint - try not to be shy...
There´s something naked just nearby")

#029          ::MOOD::                    
Hint : (staying in the "know")

#030          Culture Fine Jewerly for Men             
Hint : (To find me, you might need a lift. When you do, click me to receive your gift.)

#031          Bliensen + MaiTai
Hint : ( Back in the eighties people used to dance there (what a feeling...)

#032         *Epic*                                  
Hint : ("Please, don't feed the models!")

#033           Kandy Couture                    
Hint : "It's a Crime"
There is a male gift also, but no photo available

#034           Sweeter Than Candy                        
Hint : (Hanging out with the "new" kids!)

#035           Snowpaw Fashions
Hint : (I'm no dummy, but you'll find me here!)

#036           EarthStones                                      
Hint : A diamond in the rough is a diamond sure enough

#037          .:eXceSs :: Androgyne Style               
Hint : (Net yourself some unisex clothing)

#038           Ibizarre                                             
Hint : (No hint needed)
#039           Zenith Fashion   
Hint : (secret behind the photo)

#040         *XWD Studio*                                  
Hint : ("Diamonds glisten come rain or shine")

#041           KOSH                                
Hint : maybe you should check your make up and put some lipgloss on?

#042          ALI COUTURE 
Hint : (click and you will receive two...look around the loop and be part of the group)

#043          Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia    
Hint : (I will keep you safe! )

#044          Alli&Ali Design                
Hint : (I wonder if Darrel would know?)

#045          Jazmyn D
Hint : (I can see my pretty oriental dress reflected in this diamond.)

#046          X-Clusives Animations
Hint : (You will find a diamond in the ruff when you explore the Tantra - art of love!)

#047         *Bubblefish*
Hint : (Diamonds & Lace... every girls dream.)

#048          Whittentons
Hint : (Near a tree or plant)

#049           Sassy!
Hint : (You might find more than loose change back here.)

#050           ******THE SHOUTED VILLAGE ******
Hint : (Find the diamond between the Wild Snake Shoes)

#051           House of RFyre
Hint : (For in-"formal" times)

#052           Bubblez Design
Hint : (I'm on somewhere hot)

#053           Love Soul
Hint : (Christmas)

#054           Damage Virtual Clothing
Hint : (Seek Illumination)

#055           MeteoRain
Hint : (Bunnies also like diamond!)

#056           TT DESIGNS
All prizes are the same, just various sexual orientations.
Hints :
[gay] a true diamon awaits you near sources of informations.
[lesbian] this gem sits between two choices, nestled as a controller, have FUN! 
[straight] the set is Cool, I'm pretending to be a light source )
1 gift - 3 versions - M/F, M/M and F/F : #056a, #056b, #056c

#057           ArtiZan Creative Solutions
Hint : (Go Go - The Inspector gets a promotion?)

#058           TrendStyle
Hint : (Go in the right room and and find Dewi next the window.)

#059            n-creation
Hint : ("blondes loves diamonds")

#060            Apple May Designs
Hint : (Look amongst the bunnies, where two gnomes eat and there you'll find your treat!)

#061            Has Been
Hint : ("maybe you'll get lucky while you're here")

#062            Alexohol Fashions
Hint : Batter Up!
#063           ~Simply~
Hint : (Check the instore hint giver (by the landing point) for the most current hint.)

#064            ICED
Hint : Cha-Ching!)
#065            Sassy Kitty Designs
Hint : (Diamonds need to be on top)

#066            Dulce Secrets
Hint : Sunlight glistens on dancing motes of liquid crystals.

#067            Cheeky Pea
Hint : (Reach for the stars, this is no shabby gift)

#068            B&F Poseworx
Hint : ("I'll find you in Paris")

#069            [M2M] ..::Minutes to Midnight::..
Hint : ("Joint the group..")

#070            Mustang Trading Post
Hint : (Everything is on the table.)

#071            FluiD Furniture
Hint : (I always leave my jewelry on the nightstand.)

#072            croire
Hint : ("Don't climb too high")

#073           .:Shush:.
Hint : (Look for the light, where the diamond shine)

#074           FD Decor
Hint : (Check the hint giver on the pole at the front of the store)

#075          CandyDoll
Hint : Oohh, my kittycat!

#076          Birth
Hint : (Diamond's weather any storm.)

#077         * LOULOU&CO *
Hint : (Sit down. It's break " cigarette!)

#078         Boho
Hint :  (Time to check out)

COME OVER TO THE STORE AND JOIN THE GROUP by clicking on the Marilyn poster!

or copy and paste into your SL viewer chat and click the link :


  1. [11:28 AM] Marissa Murfin: yay I got them all woot that was very smoothly run

  2. I just want to say what an amazing job Rosalynne has done at making this hunt run so smoothly. It's a massive task to coordinate something this big with this many fabulous designers. Thanks Rosa!